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Emu Logic

Emu Logic

Emu Logic, 2404 John Renshaw Pkwy Tooraweenah, Warrumbungle NSW 2817

Hours of operation:

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday - Monday: Closed (except holidays and long weekends)

Emu Farm shed/shop display of emu farming and products, as well about general farming. Tours are also available at 11am and 2pm for visitors to see the emus up close.

About us:

We started farming emus in 1995, raising from 100 to 500 chicks per year and we currently have about 1200 birds on our emu farm. All of our chicks are incubated and hand raised. Over the years we have learnt a lot about farming emus and we can certainly say that we are highly experienced and very knowledgeable in the raising of emus and the production of quality emu oil, feathers, meat, eggs and jerky.

Being on the road into the Warrumbungle National Park from Tooraweenah means that we always have people dropping in and asking about our emu farm. It has become so popular that we now offer tours and have our emu farm shop open. We are a true working emu farm so the times we are open do change with the seasons and work on the farm. If your passing by and the open sign is out, do drop in. If planning ahead to visit our emu farm shop check the home page for hours or contact us. If your interested in a tour book ahead as we can not guarantee availability without notice.

Emu Farm Tours:

If you would like to learn more about emus and get an up close and personal experience, book a tour with us today. During the tour you will learn all about the farming of emus, as well as being able to go into the paddock with them and feed them.

From early-mid July-October you will also have the chance to see some emu chicks up close.

At any time of the year you can meet the chicks as they grow up. You will have the opportunity to meet the older emus and hear and watch these wonderful birds up close. It's a wonderful experience for people of all ages!

Tours cost $15 a head for ages 16+, $6 for under 16. Minimum cost $20 a tour.

Emu Products:

At Emu Logic, we are proud to offer a wide range of top quality emu oil products, which include:

  • pure emu oil
  • emu oil soaps
  • emu oil lip balms
  • great quality emu feathers
  • emu eggs

Emu Jerky is also now available. All of these can be purchased from our secure online store.