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Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. The Western Plains App accepts and publishes an advertisement or notice, subject to and relying on the advertiser’s express guarantee that i) The advertisement complies with the Advertising Codes of Practice issued by the Ads Standards Australia (ASA) and with every other code of industry standard relating to advertising in Australia, and ii) The

advertisement does not contain anything that is defamatory or indecent or offensive that breaches any provision of any stature, regulation, bylaw or other rule or law; that is likely to mislead or deceive or otherwise breach the Fair Trading Act 2010; that infringes a copyright or trademark or any intellectual or industrial property rights, and iii) Publication of the advertisement will not create any liability on our part or in a claim being made against us.


2. The advertiser agrees to indemnify The Western Plains App against all costs or losses arising directly or indirectly from any breach of those warranties by the advertiser and from any costs incurred in our making corrections or amendments in accordance with the terms that follow.


3. Where the creative design services of The Western Plains App are used by an advertiser, then the advertiser acknowledges that the Western Plains App owns the copyright for that work and that no commissioning payment has been made or agreed.


4. Upon an advertiser supplying or placing an advertisement for publication that advertiser grants The Western Plains App a perpetual royalty free license to reproduce the

advertisement in any print or electronic advertising media we offer advertisers now or in the future.


5. The guarantees contained in The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 are excluded where the advertiser acquires, or holds himself out as acquiring, goods or services from us for the purpose of a business.


6. An advertisement may be refused or withdrawn from publication without The Western Plains App having to give a reason.


7. An advertisement may be corrected or amended to conform to our style or for any other genuine reason as long as we do so using reasonable care.


8. Should there be a delay with publishing the booked advertisement, The Western Plains App will publish at the earliest possible time.


9. An advertiser may not transfer space to another person.


10. The advertiser must advise The Western Plains App as soon as possible if there is an error or omission in any advertisement the advertiser has placed. The Western Plains App will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss (which includes loss of revenue or profit) from an error or omission or failure to publish and if we are found to have any direct liability or any circumstance that liability is limited to the cost of the space of the advertisement.


11. To cancel an advertisement a written cancellation must have been received in writing by, and acknowledgement obtained from The Western Plains App.


12. Advertisements will be charged at the published rate at the time of ordering, unless mutually agreed otherwise in writing. Early cancellation of an advertising contract, by the

advertiser, will deem any design and volume discounts received to be payable in full to The Western Plains App at the published casual rate. Rate card adjustments will apply to all advertisements appearing 28 days after the rate adjustment is published.


13. Failure of the advertiser to make payment for advertising by the due date (that being the timeframe stipulated on the invoice) will make the advertiser liable for compound interest at 2.0% per month and all recovery costs, commissions and collection fees.


Printed and published by Locolee Pty. Ltd., PO Box 18, Coonamble, NSW 2829. Email: [email protected].