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Hunter's Agricultural Services Pty Ltd

Hunter's Agricultural Services Pty Ltd

Hunter's Ag is an Earth-moving and Agricultural spraying business, family operated for over 25 years. Available 24/7, there is no job too big or too little.

Our Services:

  • Earth-moving
  • Broad-acre spraying
  • Quarry products (including red gravel and crushed white rock gravel)
  • Freight (grain, gravel and low loader to move equipment)
  • Reseller for Wormhit Fertiliser

Earthworks services include: road construction, shed pads, silo pads, deslit dams, channel work, road repairs, and demolition work.

Available Equipment:

  • Komatsu 20 tonne excavator
  • Caterpillar 150 next gen Grader
  • Bomag Pad Foot Roller
  • Caterpillar smooth drum roller
  • Kubota skid steer on tracks with laser levelling equipment
  • Volvo 35 tonne dump truck
  • Doosan Loader
  • Develon SD200 loader
  • 15 tonne Isuzu tipper truck
  • 15000 litre water truck
  • 2 Kenworth Prime Movers with 2 road trains 
  • Freightmaster grain tippers and side tipper road train
  • Komatsu 5.8 tonne excavator
  • 48 metre Agrifac Condor Endurance self-propelled spray rig


Harrison Hopcroft - 0458 281820

Hunter Hopcroft - 0428281819