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A fishy day for the Bogan

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Angie White

07 May 2024, 3:40 AM

A fishy day for the BoganGolden perch fingerlings ready to be released into the Bogan River.

A successful grant has given Nyngan RSL Fishing Club and Bogan Shire Council the opportunity to collaborate on a project to lift fish stocks in the Bogan River.


In a combined effort the two groups submitted an application through the NSW Government’s Native Fish Stocking Program.

For every $1 contributed by Council and the Fishing Club, the NSW Fishing Trust gave $2, which brought the total amount of funding to $12,000.


A total of 14,060 Golden Perch were purchased and released into the Bogan River on Friday 19 April by Fishing Club members and Bogan Shire staff.


The grant allows for groups to stock native fish (Australian Bass, Murray Cod or Golden Perch) into rivers and dams across NSW.


According to Department of Primary Industries who facilitate the funding, “The objectives of the program are to support local communities in the stocking of high value native fish to protect and enhance our valuable state-wide recreational fisheries. The program also supports the development of regional aquaculture ventures which produce high quality fish stock for release into public waters to benefit recreational fishers.”


The release was timed to occur after the annual Bogan Carp Muster, which saw community members catch 2510 carp and take them out of the system.

Nyngan Fishing Club members ready to release the fingerlings into the Bogan River. IMAGE SUPPLIED.


“On the 19th of April we took delivery of nearly 15000 golden Perch (yellow belly) fingerlings delivered to Nyngan from Uarah Fisheries Grong Grong NSW,” said Jake McClelland, President of Nyngan Fishing Club.


“These were released into the Bogan river system. We teamed up with Bogan Shire. To purchase these fingerlings,” he said.


“NSW Fisheries have a program running for every fingerling purchased they will triple it which is amazing for everyone to take advantage of.”


“We used money raised from the recent Carp Muster we held to purchase these fingerlings."

 “We originally wanted to purchase both Golden Perch and Murray Cod, but the Cod were unavailable at the time we purchased, so hopefully we will. Get to purchase more cod to release next year,” said Jake.


“We all know the damage introduced carp do, to the health of our rivers and our native fish population,” said Bogan Shire Council General Manager Derek Francis.


“It’s great to be able to work with the fishing club to introduce some local fish species that will benefit the environment as well as providing excellent recreational angling opportunities,” said Mr. Francis.