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Abigail tops Sydney’s Half Marathon

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River McCrossen

09 May 2024, 7:40 AM

Abigail tops Sydney’s Half MarathonCoonamble-born Abbi Nordberg crosses the finish line at the Sydney Half-Marathon on 5 May. PHOTO: Supplied

Running has been a long-time passion for Coonamble-born Abigail Nordberg (nee Regan).

"I still love it, even after two kids," she said. 

"At primary school, the first time I recognised that I could run was at our St Bernard's, which is now St Brigid's, at our walkathon. 

“I just found myself beating some of the boys and that gave me a bit of excitement. I wanted to keep to going with it."

It’s been a long run from Coonamble Little Athletics to national and international competition, but Abbi’s latest outing brought her back into the spotlight.

On Sunday 5 May she won $2500 for first place among the women in the Sydney Half Marathon, finishing the 21-kilometre course in an hour and 40 minutes. She also placed 15th overall out of over 15000 runners.

"It was an amazing feeling. We had a really good group of runners," Abbi said.

A far cry from the dirt roads around her parents' property near Combara.

"To be honest, the weather held out pretty well, there was only just a little bit of rain. And we all train in the rain, so it didn't really make much of a difference. Just a bit slippery in some places.

"I ran most of the race with one other girl and then I sort of gapped her with about four or five kilometres to go.

"There was music and so many people just lining the street, regardless of the rain, and all the other competitors were cheering us all on, so such a good atmosphere." 

Abbi, who now lives in Sydney, took a "nice, slow walk" on Monday as part of recovery routine, although that won't last for long as she prepares for the Gold Coast Marathon in early July.

"I normally spend one or two days just walking and just eating lots of carbs, as much as I can, and then get back straight into training," 

"I train every day and slowly work up the kilometres."