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Car spiked in cross-town chase

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River McCrossen

05 July 2024, 7:39 AM

Car spiked in cross-town chaseWitness vision taken of the arrest scene in Baradine

A Ford Territory is back in it's owner's hands after police pursued it through Coonamble and popped it's tyres in Baradine.


Townsend Street resident Matt Boney was having dinner that night when he received a call from son Maurice around 6:20pm.


Maurice had spotted the Ford Territory pull in to the Roadhouse, which was allegedly stolen from 80-year-old resident Robert Steadman (Aussie Bob) outside his Townsend Street home between Thursday evening on 27 June and 4am on Friday 28.


The car had already been sighted there when it pulled in for fuel on Friday evening on the 28th.


"They didn't turn the bowsers on. They must have recognised him through the window," Matt said.


If it was the same driver, he wasn't getting away this time.


Within seconds of receiving the call, Matt was on the road. His father Tony and Maurice were in their own cars tracking down the Ford.


"By the time I got over the bridge, I could see the car going into Mobil. As it's gone into the fuel centre, I've actually pulled aside and then rung the police."


On the phone with Coonamble Police Station, he followed the Ford as it pulled out from the fuel centre and headed up Limerick Street, keeping a distance of around 100 metres.


"As they turned down Edwards Street, I went down Hickey Street and the police actually followed me," Matt said.


"I was actually talking to the police at the station, who were relaying what I was saying to the guys in the wagon.


"As I turn right onto Wingadee Street the car was coming towards me, and I told the police on the phone just now 'this is the car you're about to give way to.'"


The wagon came to the intersection, it's lights lit up and the pursuit kicked off.


"It was terminated a short time later due to safety concerns," a police spokesperson said.


"Police successfully deployed road spikes on Baradine Road, Baradine, and the vehicle came to a stop on Darling Street, Baradine."

Night time video of the arrest scene shows lights blazing from at least two police vehicles, as well as the Ford, on the t-intersection between Worrigal and Darling street


The driver was arrested and taken to Coonamble Police Station. He was charged with:


  • Take and drive conveyance without consent of owner
  • Never licensed person drive vehicle on road
  • Police pursuit - not stop - drive dangerously
  • Dishonestly obtain property by deception
  • Drive recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous, and
  • Breach of bail.


The man was refused bail and appeared at Dubbo Local Court via video link on Thursday 4 July 2024, where he was formally refused bail to appear at Coonamble Local Court on Tuesday 16 July 2024.


Robert thanked members of the community who helped get his car back.


"It's nice to be in a town where people care," Robert said.