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Baradine reaps recycling rewards

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Liz Cutts

10 June 2024, 7:40 AM

Baradine reaps recycling rewardsBaradine Rusty Club members at the return and earn collection point; Bruce Evans, John Schumacher, Peter Wilkie and Patrick Lever.

A local not-for-profit group has signed up for a return and earn recycling scheme.

The Baradine Rusty Club Men’s Shed has partnered with one of the largest waste management companies in Australia, Cleanaway Waste Management, and established a return and earn recycling scheme for the town and surrounding area.

Residents can now deposit eligible cans and bottles at the recently established Rusty Men’s Shed return point where they are collected for recycling.   

Rusty Club spokesperson, Bruce Evans says that the local return point provides an alternative to making the 100km round trip to Coonabarabran to obtain refunds.

“Indications are that some residents grew disillusioned with having to hoard enough recyclables to make the trip to the Coonabarabran collection point worthwhile,” Mr Evans said. 

“Having a collection point in Baradine is a win-win for residents. By recycling drink bottles and cans they are not only helping the environment but earning along the way and putting money back into the community.”

Beverage container litter is a major issue in New South Wales.

In February this year the NSW Return and Earn container deposit scheme celebrated the milestone of having recycled 11 billion bottles, cans and cartons in NSW since its conception in December 2017.

Not every Return & Earn receival site is as large-scale as this one in Sydney. IMAGE: Ryde District Mums facebook

In the process, it has returned $1.1 billion in container refunds back into participants’ pockets and has raised $54 million for charities and community groups via donated refunds and return point hosting fees.

“This shows that the return and earn program has become a shining example of what is possible when we all work together to tackle a tricky problem,” Mr Evans added.

“The scheme provides money back in people’s pockets and gives community groups like ours a bit of a financial boost.

“We see it as being very beneficial to those living on the land. Rather than burying the recycled bullion on their properties they can easily exchange it for change.”

The Baradine Rusty Men’s Shed collection point at 28 Lachlan Street will be manned for four hours every Saturday morning to receive eligible recyclables and to calculate and arrange for the credit of earned refunds into nominated bank accounts.