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Unusual pets on show

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Liz Cutts

30 March 2024, 6:42 AM

Unusual pets on show Judge of the most unusual pet competition, Ian McNaught with prize winners. (Image: E.Hampton)

Lizards, dogs, colourful chickens and even a yabby were some of the entries in a curious contest at this year’s Baradine Show. 

The popularity of the children’s most unusual small pet competition was demonstrated with the number of youngsters rolling-up with their strange pets vying for a prize at the show held on Saturday, 16 March.

Categories included the cutest pet, the cleverest pet, the fluffiest animal and the smallest animal.

Judge, Ian McNaught said it was an entertaining competition and great to see so many children taking part.

“There were wide-ranging entries from dogs to very colourful chooks and lizards, and even a grasshopper,” Ian said.

“All the kids had fun and were delighted to receive a prize.”

The results of the competition categories are; most unusual animal Sam Harris and his Bearded Dragon; the biggest animal, Emily Murray with Bonnie the puppy; the cutest animal won by Kelly Jamison with her Dachshund; the fluffiest animal, Lincoln Anderson for his pink Silkie chicken; the cleverest pet won by Lincoln Anderson for his Yabby; the best dressed pet went to Lincoln Anderson for his blue Silkie chicken and the smallest animal was won by Harry Taylor with his grasshopper.